Artificial intelligence defeats fighter pilot in virtual combat

Artificial intelligence called ALPHA was developed by Psibernetix in conjunction with the US Air Force Research Laboratory. The program was specially created to surpass professional fighter pilots in virtual combat.

One of such rivals of ALPHA was formerly experienced pilot, instructor, retired Air Force Colonel Jen Lee. Before meeting an unusual rival in battle, the air ace had no doubts of victory. However, everything turned out exactly the opposite.

Lee was never able to fire a single successful shot, as the ALPHA did it faster and more accurately every time. Even by "transplanting" the artificial intelligence to a less speedy and maneuverable plane, the robotic pilot defeated Lee, as well as all the other pilots who volunteered to fight the obstinate rival.

By the way, the colonel has been testing flight artificial intelligence since the 1980s. As Lee himself admits, in the past, he easily defeated any robo-pilot. Before ALPHA.

Intellect ALPHA repeated the success of its "namesake" - the "Alpha Go" program, which managed to beat the world champion in the game of Go. However, unlike the game version, where a supercomputer was involved, ALPHA runs on a standard PC.

While the AI ​​is going through the testing stage, its creators really hope that someday their brainchild will prove itself worthy in real combat.