Sealed box HotDive turns a smartphone into a diving computer

Thanks to its characteristics, the HotDive sealed case gives the ordinary smartphone the functions of a diving computer and an underwater camera. Its body is made of aluminum alloy and 6mm transparent polycarbonate.

HotDive can fit any smartphone that does not exceed the dimensions of 164 x 84 mm, and the water resistance is enough for an 80-meter submersion, while at the time of sealing, the integrated pumping system creates a vacuum inside.

HotDive compensates for the lack of light at depth with an 800 lumen LED floodlight. In addition, it is equipped with the Swiss TE MS5083 depth sensor, built-in electronic compass and microprocessor. Information from them is transmitted to the smartphone via Bluetooth to the iOS / Android application.

In the app, you can also program special alarms to warn divers when they reach their maximum depth and when they ascend too quickly. All information about each dive is automatically recorded in the dive log.

The user can access the functions of the application using the buttons connected to the phone in a wireless mode on the rear right side of the case. Photo shooting and video recording are performed using a separate wireless switch.

HotDive is a stand-alone device with its own power source, built-in 3500 mAh lithium battery. Its charge is enough for 100 minutes of operation when using the spotlight and for 15-20 days without it. HotDive can be purchased on Kickstarter with a $ 179 security deposit.