Long-awaited Linux-based Brave Heart smartphone goes on sale for $ 150

The Pine64 company has begun collecting applications for the delivery of the first, trial batch of a new smartphone of its own production. The model received the catchy name "Brave Heart" and runs on Linux, but the user is free to choose what software will be in the memory of the gadget. Moreover, there is not even a pre-installed OS - you have to choose and install it yourself.

The model has zero commercial potential and is positioned as a tool for enthusiasts, primarily from the Linux community. This explains the symbolic price tag, only $ 149.99, and at the same time renders the smartphone useless for a wide audience. The device will not work out of the box, and the search for software for it will become a separate exciting quest. But - no tie to the iOS and Android environment, no dependencies on major software developers.

The smartphone is built on the basis of a quad-core ARM64 processor, like the Pine64 single-board computers, has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of permanent memory with support for Micro-SD. There is a USB-C connector, 5-megapixel main and 2-megapixel front camera. An interesting and important nuance - under the back cover of the gadget there are six DIP switches that allow users to turn off the hardware modem, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, microphone and cameras. To counter hackers and save system resources.

For lack of the best (although there is a lot of development), you can install Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish OS, Plasma Mobile or branded Pine Phone on your smartphone. But the manufacturing company openly says that they welcome the installation of copyright assemblies. And in general, it is hoped that the appearance of the device will create an incentive for the development of mobile applications based on Linux open source. By the spring of this year, the serial release of "Brave Heart" will begin and a surge in developer activity can be expected.