Microsoft's holoporting will make you part of augmented reality

Microsoft's research division has created a new technology for scanning and playing 3D video called "holoporting", which allows visualizing 3D images of people anywhere in real time.

The system employs several 3D video cameras that shoot a person from several points and then carefully “glue” the captured fragments into a 3D model. The model can then be manipulated like any digital information: compressed, instantly transferred to another place, and recreated.

To see, hear a subscriber in the form of a hologram and make contact with him anywhere on earth, you need to wear a Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset. In the process of communication, a completely convincing illusion will arise that your interlocutor is in the same physical space with you.

The girl is actually in another room

Another amazing feature of "holoporting" is the ability to save a recording and play it back after a while, or to look at what is happening from the outside. You can also play the recording in a reduced version, then all three-dimensional characters will fit on the table. Project participant Shahram Izadi compared the new technology to “walking in living memories”.

As a last resort, you can talk to an intelligent person.

Surely it might seem that we are talking about one of the many holographic technologies. The peculiarity of "holoporting" is the ability to interact with an object in real time, using existing platforms such as HoloLens.