Red Hydrogen One holographic smartphone goes on sale for $ 1295

After more than a year's wait, the RED Hydrogen One holographic smartphone will finally go on sale on November 2 for $ 1, 295. The two largest US telecommunications companies, Verizon and AT&T, will act as sellers. To alleviate such a massive financial burden, they offer their potential buyers to break this amount into monthly payments - Verizon by 24, and AT&T - by 30.

Last summer, at the start of a promotional campaign, a smartphone could be bought for $ 1, 000 cheaper. Today, when the time for discounts has passed, everything fell into place.

Initially, the start of sales was scheduled for the beginning of the year, but since then it has been postponed several times, which is why the smartphone is being released with the Snapdragon 835 chip, instead of the Snapdragon 845, which is present in flagships such as the Pixel 3 and Galaxy S9.

But these technical details are not the most important thing. One of the main advantages of Hydrogen One is the volumetric "holographic" screen, which came as a big surprise to many, as well as the ability to record video in 3D format.

According to experts, with such a high price of a smartphone - almost $ 1, 300 - it will be very difficult for it to compete with the same iPhone XS and other models of this class.