Artificial intelligence wrote the insane sequel to "Harry Potter"

Developers from Botnick Studios have published a book entirely written by artificial intelligence on the Internet. It is called "The Handsome One" and is a rendition of the unofficial 8th book from the Harry Potter saga - "Harry Potter and a portrait of what looked like a large pile of ash."

To create a pseudo-literary work, programmers have combined the efforts of two intelligent systems. The first generated the intricacies of the plot, the second was responsible for copying J.K. Rowling's writing style. The result, according to the apt commentary of one of the journalists, reads as captivatingly as the original text of the writer, while being the delirium of a madman.

Quote from the book:

"I think it's okay if you like me, " remarked the first Death Eater.

“Thank you so much, ” replied the second. The First Eater leaned forward confidently to kiss him on the cheek.

"ABOUT! Great job!" - said the second, when his friend stepped back. The rest of the Death Eaters clapped politely. It took them a few minutes to re-discuss the details of the plan to end Harry's magic.

The full version of the new adventures of Harry Potter according to AI, in English, can be read here. Screenwriter Elsa Chang has already tweeted her favorite passage from Botnick Studios: “Hufflepuff's pig throbbed like a big toad. Dumbledore smiled and put his hand on his head. "You're Hagrid now, " he said. "

And a few more mind-blowing quotes from the book:

  • Magic: This is what Harry Potter thought was a very good thing.
  • To Harry, Ron was a loud, slow and soft bird. Harry didn't like thinking about birds.
  • Harry tore his eyes off his head and threw them into the forest.
  • The Tall Death Eater wore a shirt with an inscription

    "Hermione has forgotten how to dance, " so Hermione dunked his face in the mud.

  • Several long gourds have dropped from McGonagall.
  • "I'm Harry Potter!" Harry shouted. - "The dark forces should start worrying about their health!"