Wristruments - personal wrist-based instructor to teach you how to play the guitar

A new startup Wristruments has appeared on Kickstarter, which is positioning its software product as a universal assistant for aspiring guitarists. Wristruments serves as a metronome, instructor, notes and song libraries, and helps with tuning musical instruments. To work, the application must be installed on Apple Watch, Google Wear or Samsung smartwatches.

The watch must be turned to the inside of the wrist to see the screen while playing. Through the microphone, Wristruments will automatically detect when a class starts and offer three modes of operation: study, workout and practice. In the first mode, the watch shows where and when to put your fingers in order to produce the correct sounds. The application provides synchronization of the lesson between the watch and, for example, a tablet - the lesson itself is shown on the big screen, and tips for the student are shown on the small screen.

In the training mode, Wristruments teaches you to play fragments of melodies, maintain a rhythm, and repeat difficult techniques. The app tracks the movement of your hand along the bar and the picture on the screen is constantly changing to show the latest information. And in the practice mode, the fun begins - as the student plays the guitar, the application assesses his individual style, collects information and adapts to a specific user.

The app has passed beta testing, and now its developers are raising funds to release the final version. For investors, it will cost $ 29 on a premium annual subscription. If all goes according to plan, Wristruments will be out this December.