The Spark device will recharge your smartphone from the hearth in any hut

In developing countries like Kenya, 80% of the population has cheap mobile gadgets, but only 20% of them have constant access to electricity. Most residents cook on a fire, and in order to recharge their phones, they have to go on a long journey to a paid power station. JikoPower's Spark thermoelectric generator will help you radically solve this problem.

One end of an aluminum alloy plate is placed between a pot of stew and a fire, the other is in contact with a container where cold water is poured. Although the resulting temperature difference is small, it is enough to generate 2 to 5 watts of energy while a kettle is boiling or eggs are being fried. When tested in the field in Ugandan villages, it took an average of 2 hours to charge the smartphone from the hearth.

JikoPower says the final product that hits the market will be twice as efficient and available to anyone who can afford a mobile phone.

It is planned to distribute generators in those regions where centralized electricity will never appear due to the unprofitability of this venture. And people will always cook food on fire and finding a source of fuel is much easier than building a power plant.

Spark's alternative functions are educational and business. With the help of this simple device, it is possible on a permanent basis to provide energy to low-power electrical appliances of all villagers, saving them from the need to go somewhere. For a reasonable fee or other services, of course. Kids can do their homework under LED lights, and old and smelly kerosene lamps are a thing of the past. The younger generation will have a clear idea of ​​the rational use of resources, which they can discuss with their peers on the Internet - there is energy, there will be connection.