Ultra-strong carbon fiber for space and aviation presented at MAKS-2017

New materials are required to create a new generation of aerospace technology. At the just opened MAKS-2017 air show, SINTEZ-PROJECT presented a unique ultra-strong carbon fiber reinforced plastic that surpasses foreign analogues in many respects.

The strength of the material is characterized by the following example: a 10 x 1 mm plate is able to withstand a tension of 2.4 tons, that is, the weight of a large car. The strongest steel is 8 times inferior in specific strength to CFRP, while absorbing moisture 30 times less than already created composite materials. Plus, it is incredibly resistant to cracking, abnormal temperatures and dimensionally stable.

The project was jointly financed by SYNTEZ-PROJECT and ISS named after Reshetnev. Full-scale production of Russian CFRP is expected to begin in two years.