Democracy in Chinese: Party Forces Citizens to Read and Follow Xi Jinping's Speeches on Social Media

The China Media Project reports that at the last meeting of the Chinese Communist Party, its employees were ordered to install the "Xi Study (Xue Xi) Strong Nation" application on their smartphones. It provides users with access to speeches, advice, and writings from Chairman Xi Jinping, while monitoring how they use the content. Users' activity in familiarizing themselves with the wisdom of the party is evaluated in points, the accumulation of which helps build a career.

According to rumors, in one of the cities of China, the authorities have already set a standard for teachers: 40 points per day. Considering that 1 point is awarded for 30 minutes of watching the speech of C and his associates, and 0, 1 point for completing each fragment of a multimedia file, this is not easy. In particular, the application makes sure that users do not cheat, do not perform other things in parallel with viewing, but focus entirely on education.

But if everything happens openly for party members, officials and state employees, then the second project is secret. Hackers from the Global CERT group accidentally found it when they were looking for new vulnerabilities. This is a database with information from social networks, user profiles, their messages, statements and downloads. Every day, about 380 million profiles pass through the server system on MongoDB, including data from supposedly protected services: TenCent QQ and WeChat, WangWang Alibaba Group.

The collected information is sent to police stations, where 2, 6-3 thousand incidents are manually checked every day. The database has amazing synchronization speed and already includes data on the opinions and sentiments of residents of 18 provinces in China. Through such measures, the authorities support "Chinese-style democracy" by constantly studying the dominant mood in society.