World's oldest drawing discovered in South Africa

Archaeologists have discovered in Blombos Cave (South Africa), possibly the oldest drawing in the world, dating back over 70, 000 years. This is more than 30, 000 years older than the former "champion" of the coal seals found in Spain.

The drawing was done with red ocher on a small piece of natural concrete - a cemented mixture of sand and gravel 38 x 12 x 15 mm. It consists of six parallel vertical lines that are intersected by three curved horizontal lines. According to scientists, this is a breakaway fragment of a much larger drawing.

To understand the technique of the ancient painter, researchers tried to recreate it in a laboratory setting. They were able to establish the material with which the drawing was applied (ocher) and found out the diameter of the "pencil" - from 1, 3 to 3, 3 mm.

From the point of view of modern painting, the cave drawing is very primitive. However, it is of genuine scientific interest, along with several dozen other artifacts found in Blombos Cave. At the same time, he is one of the "youngest" - the age of some other finds (shell beads, tools) is approaching 100, 000 years.