Foodini - a culinary 3D printer for lovers of delicious and healthy food

Last year, Natural Machines announced a unique culinary 3D printer called the Foodini. Then the developers announced that many fast food chains were interested in their invention. Now the project has moved to a new stage - fundraising has begun on the Kickstarter collective funding platform.

According to the developers, the Foodini 3D printer will appeal to users who monitor their health and prefer to eat healthy natural food, rather than semi-finished products containing dyes, preservatives and other additives. A wide variety of dishes can be prepared with this kitchen appliance, including ravioli, tartlets, pasta, chips and croutons.

A 7-inch built-in Android touch tablet is used to control the 3D printer. Foodini dimensions are 43.8 x 43 x 43 cm and weighs about 10.4 kg.

At the moment, Kickstarter users have donated more than 48 thousand dollars for the project, and now the developers have to raise another 52 thousand. They have another 25 days for this.

You can order a Foodini printer for $ 999 on the official page of the project. The developers plan to start delivering it in January next year.