Game of Thrones Science: Can Man Fly a Dragon

In connection with the beginning of the next (and last) season of the popular series, fans are speculating: how much aerobatics will be in it on dragons? And surely no one will fall from them in flight, which is guaranteed to happen in reality. Understandably, dragons are fictional creatures and, in addition, magical. However, the characters of the series ride horses and fight with swords in accordance with the laws of physics. And according to them, Daenerys Targaryen can not sit on the back of Drogon's neck.

Scientist and former rodeo stuntman Stephen Wharton, using complex gyroscopes and accelerometers, measured the maximum acceleration of a rider on the back of a kicking bull - about 3 G. Military pilots also collide with 10-12 G, but the dragons in the series fly at subsonic speeds, and maneuver very smoothly ... For Daenerys, the difficulty will be to overcome inertia and stay in place when a force equal to at least 150 kg begins to act on her 50-kilogram body.

Daenerys sits on the dragon as it should, judging by the frames from the film. She has no stable posture, no saddle, legs do not rest on stirrups, no seat belts, and she has to hold onto uncomfortable spikes. Dragon scales are unlikely to have a high adhesion coefficient - rather, they are smooth. The width of Drogon's back, visually, is 2-3 m - the girl will have to lie flat in the twine and in this position try to move the center of gravity so as not to slip off the dragon.

Another set of problems will be poor visibility, lack of direct control and fast feedback from the dragon. It is not Daenerys who chooses the maneuvers, but the reptile, the rider can only adapt to the movements of the dragon, and this requires an excellent reaction. But there is also a universal answer to all these remarks: blood magic connection. Dragons sense the difficulties of their human mother in flight and with small, subtle movements of their bodies help her to stay in place.