AI-based algorithm learned to determine a person's political views from a photo

In the light of recent events in the American political arena, the new development of scientists from Stanford University may become extremely popular. They trained artificial intelligence to recognize the political views of different people using only their photographs. Moreover, you can take any pictures, not only from demonstrations and performances.

It was based on a previous development, AI for recognizing the sexual preferences of people from their photos. As the authors of the algorithm argue, any group of people who are engaged in one business inevitably exhibits something like “professional deformation”. These are characteristic gestures, postures, facial expressions, reactions to certain words and events, and other small details that in most cases go unnoticed. But not for AI.

Scientists admit that they themselves do not really know which details in the images their brainchild is analyzing. AI was trained on photos of real people from social networks, from those accounts where the political affiliation of their owners is indicated. The system compared thousands of photographs of conservatives and liberals, found common features between them, formed assessment criteria, and then began to guess the political views of unknown people. The recognition accuracy reached an astonishing 73% overall and 71% when comparing externally similar persons.