Lyd sippy bottle opens from the touch of the lips

Since the invention of the bottle, people have put a lot of effort into making it as drinkable as possible and, it should be noted, they have succeeded a lot. One of the latest advances in bottle technology is the Lyd reusable bottle.

Its main feature is a drinking hole, the lid of which opens from the touch of the lips. The secret lies in the built-in sensor, which is powered by a battery.

The sensor is triggered as soon as the lips touch any part of the lid. At this moment, an internal mechanism is triggered, opening it slightly. Because it is round, a slit for fluid can form wherever it contacts the lips. Upon completion of the contact, the mechanism returns the cover to its original (closed) state.

At the moment, one charge is enough for 4 hours of work, but over time, the developers promise to bring this figure to two weeks. If the battery is still discharged, then a manual opening / closing mode is provided.

Lyd is made of double-walled stainless steel and vacuum insulated in two versions - 503 and 384 ml. The bottle is available now on Kickstarter for $ 39 and $ 44. In the future, the retail price will increase to 69 and 79 dollars. If the fundraising campaign is successful, the product will go on sale in November.