Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar - an unusual bottle for space champagne

The company Maison mumm, a world famous producer of champagne wines, has challenged ... Earth's gravity. Her latest brainchild is a bottle called the Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar, specially made for champagne that astronauts will take with them on space expeditions. Its presentation is to take place in September 2018. Be sure to add that the Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar is the fruit of a three-year partnership with the young space company Spade.

In recent years, the number of drinks on the ISS crew menu has increased significantly. Among them are espresso, beer and even space whiskey. The next step is champagne. In earthly conditions, everything is simple and clear in the behavior of a sparkling drink: under the influence of gravity, the wine flows through the neck of a tilted bottle into the glass. In space, due to the absence of gravity, the surface tension of champagne changes and it, like an oily liquid, adheres to the walls of the bottle.

Spade specialists do not disclose the technological details of their product. Outwardly, it differs little from its terrestrial "congeners", with the exception of the unusual ring holding the cork in the neck and the mechanism inside the bottle, which, with the help of carbon dioxide, completely transforms champagne into foam. It is in the form of foam, not a liquid, that it flows out, or rather floats out of an open bottle in a state of weightlessness.

The developers also took care of the glasses. They are small glass cups with a diameter of about 5 cm on a pointed cone-shaped leg without a traditional stand, since it is clearly not necessary to put it in zero gravity. The inner surface of the cup creates surface tension to hold the foam ball until it is consumed.

A few words about the taste of space champagne. Once in the mouth, the foam immediately turns into liquid.

"It's amazing. - explains Didier Mariotti, master winemaker of the Maison Mumm company, - Due to its weightlessness, the liquid instantly covers the entire oral cavity, enhancing the taste sensations of our unusual, unique drink.