UltraLite XC - Multifunctional Power Generator with Replaceable Batteries

Growing Greener Innovations is preparing to market its latest development, the Grengine UltraLite XC ultra-compact generator with replaceable batteries. It is completely silent, does not emit exhaust gases and is extremely easy to use. Its replaceable lithium-ion batteries allow you to use one battery while the other is charging. The Grengine UltraLite XC weighs only six kilograms and has a capacity of 440 Wh.

The UltraLite XC uses a versatile VersaCharge wiring scheme that allows you to choose how the generator will receive power. It can be charged at home from a wall outlet, from a car engine, or using foldable solar panels. At the same time, manufacturers guarantee more than 5000 charge-discharge cycles and an effective capacity of 80% under the most extreme conditions of use (-20 ° C).

Using the Grengine UltraLite XC is simple - you just need to charge the device itself, connect a removable battery to it, select the type of current (DC or AC) and connect the cable to any desired output port. The generator is equipped with an American plug, USB port and a standard auto gadget socket. When the battery is depleted, it can be replaced with a fresh one, and the first one can be sent for recharging. One Grengine UltraLite XC battery provides approximately 7 hours of laptop power, one hour of continuous use with an electric drill, or an hour and a half of high-power halogen light.

The unit recharges its batteries in about six hours from a wall outlet and solar panels (under ideal weather conditions), or about 10 hours from a car engine. For those who do not have enough capacity of 440 Wh, the company offers an older model of the generator - Grengine 1000 with PowerStack technology. It allows you to create a single cascade of 1200W batteries each.

Growing Greener Innovations has now launched a Kickstarter finance campaign. If successful, the first UltraLite XC generators will ship to their new owners this August. The price of the device with one built-in battery will be 565 Canadian dollars. For $ 1, 415, the developers will provide a complete set - a generator, two replaceable batteries and a foldable solar panel.