Kitchen gadget Kalea will compost food waste in two days

Using a compost box is an ideal way to dispose of food waste, but the composting process can take up to several weeks. At the same time, as a rule, it is accompanied by a persistent unpleasant odor that attracts harmful insects. The Kalea artificial composting device, developed by a group of German scientists, shortens this process to two days.

The Kalea is about the size of a kitchen trash can. Initially, the food waste ends up in a hopper with a tightly closed lid at the top of the device, where the waste is crushed and dried.

After that, the processed biomass passes into the second chamber, where, according to the developers' plan, the appropriate temperature, humidity and aeration contribute to an increase in the metabolism of "garbage" microorganisms. They begin to break down organic material at an accelerated rate, making it faster than a conventional compost heap.

The final destination for the compost is the removable hopper at the bottom of the Kalea. The user only has to extract it and fertilize his garden with fresh organic matter. Taking into account the fact that the unpleasant odor may still partially persist, the developers of the device included a set of replaceable air filters in its composition.

Kalea is already available to order on Kickstarter for $ 645. The estimated retail price will rise to $ 1, 050.