Rollux - a transformer suitcase for lovers of shopping tours

According to statistics, one of the most popular areas of modern tourism has become shopping tours, which are usually accompanied by a large amount of luggage.

Several years ago, the Israeli company Fugu ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce an Influx suitcase that was expanded in volume using an electric pump. And now the idea was further developed, but without "cheating".

As a result, a transformable suitcase was created, the useful volume of which is adjusted as needed. In the "default mode" Influx measures 50 x 40 x 22 cm, which corresponds to a volume of 41 liters, which meets the requirements for hand luggage on passenger airliners. But removing the clip at the base of the bag, it immediately turns into a roomy suitcase 85 cm high and twice as large - 93 liters. The total weight of an empty suitcase is 3, 9 kg.

The body of the suitcase is made of durable elastic fabric in several colors. At its base there are four wheels for transportation, which can be removed if the suitcase needs to be placed in the luggage compartment above the seat in the cabin of the airliner. Influx also features a USB port with two charging cables for mobile devices on the go, and an integrated GPS module.

Fugu has further developed a smaller version of the Influx - the Minilux bag. In addition to the "luggage" functions, it can be folded, turning into a table for a laptop with a cup holder, and thanks to special shoulder straps, Minilux becomes a backpack with the same devices for mobile devices (powerbank).

The company representatives announced the successful completion of testing of both products and readiness for their serial production.