Googstick gadget will translate and explain any words in typed text

When, while reading an electronic text, a user encounters an unfamiliar word, then it is enough for him to select it, and the rest will be done by a Google search, referring to the desired source. The developers of the Googstick device have gone further - they have adapted this process for texts printed on paper.

To bring the Googstick into working position, you need to pull up the column with the camera and set the device over a book or document. Stability on the table surface is provided by special suction cups. The Googstick is wirelessly linked to an app on a smartphone, tablet or PC.

If, while reading the text, the user encounters an unfamiliar word, then it is enough for him to point his finger at it. The Googstick camera will immediately record this word and instruct the application to find it on Google or Wikipedia, displaying the result on the screen of a mobile device or PC.

You can also select an entire sentence or even a paragraph by swiping your finger across it. To do this, you need to mark the beginning of the paragraph with one finger, and the end of it with the other.

According to the developers, Googstick can "digest" text the size of two A4 sheets and work for five hours on a single charge of a 3200 mAh lithium battery. Currently, the device is adapted to 12 languages, three more are in the development stage.

Googstick can be purchased on Kickstarter with a $ 93 security deposit. The estimated retail price will rise to $ 260.