Meet the 21st century drill - with touchscreen and lasers

A startup from Vancouver (Canada) Robbox Inc. offered his version of the 21st century drill - xDrill. Like any conventional drill, it has a drill chuck and a switch that changes the direction of rotation. And then everything becomes much more interesting.

One of the main features of this unusual drill is the touch screen located at the end of its back. Using the alignment function, the user can check how perpendicular the drill is in relation to the work surface. In case you need to make inclined holes, on the display you can select the required angle for the first hole and then remember it for drilling subsequent ones.

You can also set the hole depth on the display, and the laser rangefinder located in the handle will check the result and turn off the drill when the set depth is reached. Users can select the type of work surface material and drill size on the display, after which xDrill will automatically adjust the optimal rotation speed.

It is worth clarifying that xDrill has two laser rangefinders - the upper one, directed forward with the ability to rotate right and left by 90 degrees, and the lower one, located at the end of the handle. With their help, you can accurately drill several evenly spaced holes, checking the accuracy of the operation performed against walls and floors.

To help users, an application for iOS / Android is offered, which makes it possible to save measurements, find a drill if it is lost, block if it is stolen, as well as a number of other options, including registration of falls.

The xDrill weighs 1.5 kg and is charged with a 21-volt lithium battery for 2-3 hours of intensive work. Charging time is 45 minutes. The drill is available on Kickstarter for $ 295. Estimated retail price of $ 440.