Oral-B's High-Tech Toothbrush Shows You How to Brush Your Teeth

The Procter and Gamble company, recognized as one of the leaders in the global consumer goods market, has presented its new development - a "smart" toothbrush. The novelty was released under the Oral-B trademark.

The unique smart brush works in conjunction with an iPhone or Android smartphone, to which it connects via a wireless Bluetooth 4.0 interface. When paired with a smartphone, a toothbrush will make brushing your teeth truly useful and will further simplify treatment at the dentist.

For full-fledged work, you need to install a special application on your smartphone, which will maintain an individual user profile and give him personalized recommendations for oral care. Sensors built into the brush head will detect areas that the user missed during cleaning and immediately notify him of this.

The official presentation of the new Oral-B smart brush will take place at the MWC 2014, which opens on February 24 in Barcelona. And it will go on sale next summer in limited quantities. For a useful gadget, the user will have to pay at least 330 US dollars.