Atomo has developed a "Molecular Coffee" in which there is not a single coffee bean

Atomo, a Seattle-based company, has launched Molecular Coffee, which allows you to get the full coffee experience without drinking it. According to the developers, this is a great boon for all of humanity, because the traditional coffee industry is under threat. The consumption of this drink in the world is growing, and with it the risks - we need to think today how to meet tomorrow's demand.

The problems of the coffee industry include, first of all, climatic changes - they threaten 60% of the plantings of wild coffee. Getting grains from crops on plantations from year to year provokes scandals with the facts of the use of slave labor. As a result, the market is overflowing with counterfeits, and the value of real coffee is growing. And as soon as the favorite drink becomes unavailable to millions of people, is it worth worrying about the fact that they will have to switch to "almost real coffee"?

In the composition of "molecular coffee" there are about 40 components, mainly of plant origin, whose composition is kept secret. These are proteins and oils of various types, the combination of which allows you to simulate the taste, color, aroma and other characteristic features of coffee. Cheerfulness and taste are guaranteed, the product is environmentally friendly and harmless. And this is not a powder, as in instant coffee, but a substance adapted for the classic brewing process.

A very vague description of the composition and properties of the novelty is compensated by very specific numbers - the cost of the drink will not exceed $ 0, 4 per cup. Against $ 2-3 on average in the United States in fast food chains. Atomo representatives believe that this will be a strong argument for future consumers.