Google is preparing a smartwatch for Android

In the near future, the Internet giant Google will officially present its new development - a smart watch based on the Android platform. This is reported by the well-known edition of The Wall Street Journal, citing a reliable source.

According to the publication, Google has almost completed the development of a smart watch. The company is currently looking for a contract assembler who will manufacture the novelty. As Google plans, it will start soon.

The exact technical characteristics of the new items are still unknown. But it's not hard to guess that the watch will run a special version of the Android mobile operating system and will receive support for the Google Now voice assistant. The watch will most likely work in conjunction with Android tablets and smartphones.

A source from The Wall Street Journal noted that "smart" watches from Google will have a long battery life and rich functionality, which, alas, cannot boast of the smart watches currently on the market.

Please note that this information is unofficial and has not yet been confirmed by Google.