Nike patents blockchain-enabled CryptoKicks sneaker

Nike has received a patent for a shoe that is a cryptographic asset by default. This is a new sneaker called CryptoKicks, which has yet to go on sale. When this happens, sneaker owners will be able to use them for blockchain operations, but with some restrictions.

Nike has not yet clarified the purpose of creating "cryptocurrencies", but experts believe that we are not talking about the next version of the cryptocurrency. Sneakers will remain just shoes, but they will become a real physical item, whose virtual identifier is cryptographically protected. This means that each pair of sneakers will become unique - and this will take a sharp blow to the production of fakes.

When a customer purchases a pair of CryptoKixes, they associate their personal identifier with the shoe's digital code, which generates a new cryptographic token. If he wants to return, sell or exchange sneakers, the corresponding operations will be performed with the token. Even if the shoes themselves are not used, cryptocurrency tokens are stored in an analogue of a digital wallet and can be used for various purposes.

For Nike, the benefit is that its branded products receive effective digital protection. At any time, it will be possible to find out where and when a specific pair of cryptocurrencies was produced, who bought it, how long it used, where it was repaired and to whom it resold. The counterfeit simply will not enter the system - buyers will immediately recognize the counterfeit. Cryptocurrencies also have an incomprehensible function of "mixing and multiplying" digital assets in order to create a new, unique one from several pairs. But how this will be implemented in practice remains to be seen.