The U.S. Marine Corps is mastering the construction of barracks with the largest 3D printer in the world

3D-printed structures have piqued the interest of the US Marine Corps command for their mobility, low cost, reliability and durability.

In a recent experiment, Corpus engineers, using the world's largest 3D printer, erected a prototype of a modern 46-square-foot barracks in 40 hours. m. It would take 5 days and the efforts of 10 Marines to build a similar wooden structure.

As usual in this case, first a digital model of the future building was created. The walls were cast in layers of concrete through a printer nozzle. Currently, teams of specialists are testing printing technology in the field, which will improve the construction process. One proposal is to automate the pumping and mixing process of cement. This will reduce the construction time of the finished barracks to one day.