Nike Fit helps you find the perfect shoe with your smartphone

Difficulties in guessing the true size of things bought in online stores have long become not only a source of jokes, but also a brake on the entire Internet trade. Nike decided to make its contribution to solving this problem and developed a virtual shoe fitting service. It is called Nike Fit and allows you to accurately measure the parameters of a specific leg using only a smartphone.

To do this, you need to take off your shoes, stand barefoot or in socks against the wall, straighten your legs and point the rear camera of your smartphone at them. Following the instructions in the app, level the device horizontally, then wait for the app to scan the feet. It only takes a few seconds, during which the distances between 13 key points for each leg are measured.

How the ideal shoe size is calculated is a trade secret. First, Nike's cutting-edge specialized AI does this, and second, data from each dimension is collected and used in business. This is valuable information - shoe manufacturers would like to be able to “recognize the feet” of the customer and offer him the best product.

The benefits for users are obvious - minimizing the risk when buying shoes and reducing the time to find a product after the data gets into the system. Plus, the number of returns is significantly reduced, which gives an incentive to the development of the entire direction.