CFRPs - a new generation of aviation materials

All recent decades, the basis of aviation materials were aluminum and titanium alloys, as well as some types of steels. However, with the advent of the 5th generation aircraft, and in the long term - with the creation of hypersonic aviation and rocket technology, these "winged" metals need to be replaced. And it already exists.

CFRPs are a new generation of aviation materials developed by Russian scientists. They are characterized by higher (in comparison with metals) stiffness, specific and fatigue strength. Their advantages are also undeniable in the field of thermal, electrophysical and many other characteristics.

Currently, carbon plastics account for up to half of the weight of a modern aircraft, both military and civilian, and up to 70% of their surface. The introduction of composite materials makes it possible to reduce the weight of aircraft by tons.

Here is just a small list of components and parts made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics - ailerons, external, main and central stepped doors, hinged fairings, floor coverings, helicopter blades, launch vehicle fairings and much more.

In the automotive industry, CFRPs are used in bodies, chassis, fast moving parts and body parts, which also significantly reduce structural weight and fuel consumption.