The new profession of honey bees is the search for drugs

Recent studies by German scientists at the University of Giessen have shown that honey bees do an excellent job with another very important job - finding heroin and cocaine while checking baggage at airports.

It turns out that bees do their best to avoid the smell of drugs when they are around. Recognition is carried out thanks to odurants - binding proteins that are located on their antennae. Smells are converted into electrical signals, to which the bees react. Aversion to the smell of drugs was discovered when the insects were placed with them in a special chamber.

Once free, the bees began to behave normally again. However, the researchers are not suggesting that airport security officials carry a jar of bees in their pockets. Their goal is to create an appropriate sensor with the "bee" ability to detect dangerous goods with an accuracy of 95%.

Hissing Madagascar cockroaches and grape moth can be used to aid the bees to improve accuracy. Such a "brigade" of insects will not let intruders through and will be much cheaper than service dogs, the preparation and maintenance of which is very expensive.