Dogs try to look stupid to play along with their master.

The domestication of wolves, their transformation into dogs, and our subsequent dominance over them made them submissive. Research has shown that dogs are willing to suppress their intelligence and independence in order to please their owner.

The research results were presented at a meeting of the Society for Animal Behavior at Princeton University. The conclusions drawn in the report are of great interest. By domestication, man turned the dog into a conflict-free, meekly obedient creature.

Experts from the Vienna Veterinary University conducted an experiment at the Wolf Science Center in the Ernstbrunn amusement park in order to reveal the behavior of dogs and wolves in the process of group eating. The participants in the experiment are a pair of dogs, one of which has a lower status and a similar pair of wolves.

It turned out that wolves, despite their different status, had almost the same access to food. Although sometimes a strong wolf demonstrated its superiority, showing little aggression towards its less powerful relative. Wolves were also more rational in their search for food. To do this, they join forces and develop something like a common opinion, to which everyone must obey.

The picture is quite different in dogs. The stronger one behaved significantly more aggressively towards the dog with a low status, which very much resembled the relationship between the boss and the subordinate.

Once again, wolves proved their superiority in an experiment conducted at the University of Oregon, which involved 10 dogs from shelters and 10 wolves raised in captivity. Both groups had to try to open the container with the sausage within 2 minutes. The wolves won an unconditional victory.