Facebook has developed a new unit of time - Flick

It's worth starting with the fact that flick is a derivative of the phrase "frame-tick". As conceived by its creator Christopher Horvath, flick will simplify the process of synchronizing video and audio frames for software developers. The new unit corresponds to 1/705600000 of a second, or roughly 1.41723356 nanoseconds.

So, for example, the current standard for video games is 60 frames per second, which means that every single frame is on the screen for 16.667 milliseconds.

Decimal numbers are not very handy when dealing with different frame rates. Flick removes this complexity by replacing decimal numbers with integers. So at 60 frames per second, each frame corresponds to 11, 760, 000 flickers. Such a number is much easier to divide or sum.

Another great strength of Flick is its accessibility. Facebook has taken care of releasing open source documentation on its use. Now almost anyone who wants to develop their own software can download and use it.