The largest floating power plant in Europe is preparing to launch

On one of the outskirts of London, work is nearing completion on the commissioning of Europe's largest floating solar power plant, consisting of 23, 000 solar panels.

The implementation of this project will help to eliminate the shortage of electricity in the vicinity of London and improve the environmental situation. Energy will flow into the generation system of the Thames Water energy company and from it to consumers. The head of the company, Nick Boyle, spoke about the advantages of a water-based solar power plant:

“As you know, solar panels and wires perform better at lower temperatures. One of the main advantages of this power plant is that its elements are cooled directly in the water. "

The panels are installed on special rafts interconnected into a single system. They are attached to the bottom of the reservoir with 177 anchors. Also, cables are laid along the bottom, through which electricity is supplied to the shore into a single power supply system.

Floating solar power plants are especially popular in countries experiencing a problem with unoccupied territories. A similar power plant is currently under construction in Japan, which is to become the largest in the world.