The legendary Balmuda steam toaster goes beyond Japan

Japanese brand Balmuda opens shipping of the legendary "The Toaster" steam toaster in the United States. The price tag is hefty at $ 329 on the company's website (and soon on Amazon and Williams Sonoma).

But there is a reason for that - a steam toaster is an order of magnitude superior in quality and functionality. Instead of conventional heating elements, The Toaster uses steam from all sides to heat the bread evenly and retain more flavor and moisture.

The Balmuda device cannot make regular toast bread airy enough, but it gives it a more sophisticated taste and is even able to "revive" dried pieces. The difference will be felt by those who prefer to shop at a local bakery rather than a supermarket.

The Balmuda toaster can also replace the oven. In addition to bread, it can be used to prepare various dishes, such as pizza or biscuits.