Seattle opens first Amazon Go grocery store without sellers

A new Amazon Go store has opened in Seattle, USA - fully automatic, trading here is conducted without personnel. In contrast to past pilot projects, this is already a full-size retail establishment covering an area of ​​700 square meters and selling a wide range of food products. The store is located in the city center, near the local Capitol Hill.

The principle of the store is extremely simple - at the entrance you need to log in to the Amazon application, and then type a basket, scanning everything you want to buy. The invoice will be automatically billed through the app. The interior of the store is designed on the principle of self-service, nothing is reported about security measures and protection from fraudsters.

As explained by Dilip Kumar, vice president of retail and technology at Amazon, the concept is much broader than just a store without people. The first outlet is located in the downtown area and offers the fastest possible grocery sale for those who want to have a snack. The second, called Amazon Go Grocery (grocery), will be several times larger, will contain a wider range and will be located in a residential area, with a focus on households. However, he did not specify when and how many new stores are planned to open.