TCL has introduced a prototype of a complex "accordion smartphone"

The media got a prototype of a new smartphone from TCL, which is distinguished by the presence of two pivot points. That is, the device is in three parts and stacks up in a stack of three separate screens. It can be expanded to the level of a phablet, with a single work surface in two parts, or to a tablet, with a screen in all three parts with a diagonal of 10 inches.

This is not a finished phone yet, rather, a prototype for demonstrating an idea. The model has no name, no software has been created for it yet, there is not even a working screen. But with its help, you can roughly estimate the range of possibilities that such a design opens up. By the way, it has built-in protection - the hinges unfold only in one direction, each in its own direction, to avoid damage to the gadget.

It is quite natural that neither the expected release date nor the price of the device is known. There is no information about its durability with so many moving elements, as well as data on screen protection. This is a common misfortune of all folding smartphones, the manufacturers of which could not find a flexible replacement for the protective glass - it is already known that the plastic shell cannot cope with scratches. It will not be easy to avoid damage, because the middle segment is constantly in contact with the other two during bending and is in a vulnerable position.