Amazon patented elegant technique to combat toxic gamers

Amazon has officially patented a methodology for countering inappropriate online gamers, whose behavior is commonly called "toxic". The actions and manner of communication of such players dramatically reduce the comfort of the game for everyone else, but they usually do not violate the established rules. And therefore there is nothing to punish them formally for. To solve this problem, Amazon came up with a neat idea - virtual reservations.

The bottom line is that toxic players should not be excluded from the gameplay as such, but should be separated from adequate gamers. For example, select a game lobby, where all the "bad guys" will be automatically transported without their knowledge. There they will be able to play by their usual rules and ruin the life of everyone around - but only among the same "gangsters".

The main question, of course, is to define the criteria for toxicity, which are extremely vague. Amazon's patent proposes not to establish clear dogmas, but to analyze statistics and group players according to their propensity for those types of actions that others consider toxic. For example, if out of hundreds of gamers, several people constantly use foul language in the game chat, which others do not, swear lovers are sent to a match with players who are equally angry in their tongues - let them insult each other, if they are happy about it.

The same rules can be extended to those who like to leave the match in the midst of a battle, shoot at their own people, arrange provocations, etc. Amazon reminds that they have extensive experience in moderating the Twitch service, which, after the acquisition by the company, was consistently cleaned of all unwanted elements.