Amazon is about to turn storekeeping jobs into a game

The Washington Post, which is owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, has published news about an experimental work model that is being introduced at the company. So far, we are talking about five warehouse facilities in the United States and Great Britain, whose workers regularly become involved in hard-hitting stories about harsh and unfair working conditions. To remedy the situation, Amazon managers suggest that employees not work, but play. Play warehouse worker simulator in real life.

In the description of the initiative it is indicated that no material reward to the participants in the process is implied. But they will be awarded "victory points" that can be exchanged for goods in the Amazon online store. And also - a large number of achievements, virtual medals, digital certificates, places in ratings, etc.

New "gamers" will have to do exactly the same thing as before - to carry out typical procedures in a warehouse. Only now every movement and every operation is carefully recorded, and the indicators of employees, teams and entire departments will be constantly compared with each other. The results are immediately laid out in the public domain so that everyone can see the results of their work. As planned, this should initiate a competitive effect and create an incentive for hard work of ordinary workers and their leaders.

Amazon emphasizes that participation in the game is carried out on a voluntary basis. But since the control system still monitors all employees, and no one has canceled the performance standards, it will be psychologically more comfortable for employees to accept the rules of the game. Than working just for a salary together with those who also receive bonuses for the same actions.