US military will be offered pizza with a shelf life of three years

It seems that in the near future the American servicemen will receive, in addition to the traditional dry ration, pizza, which is so beloved in the United States. Moreover, the shelf life of pizza will be about three years.

As part of a US military outfit and nutrition project, a pizza recipe was developed that can be stored without a refrigerator for 1000 days. At the same time, it retains all its taste and does not harm the human body.

The developers of the unique pizza claim that it is made on the basis of products such as crust, cheese, meat and tomato sauce. Water-retaining components are also used: sugar, salt and various syrups, which prevent the appearance of mold and the spread of bacteria. An important role in the long shelf life is played by the sealed vacuum packaging, which protects the pizza from moisture and air.

Soldiers will be offered two options for pizza - pepperoni and turkey-pepperoni. Its field tests are scheduled for the coming summer, but mass production will only start next year.