Razer's April Fools' Game Toaster Is Suddenly Reality

The idea of ​​the Razer's Project Breadwinner toaster for gamers, also known as the Razer Toaster, was in the air for several years and even voiced by fans until it was officially implemented in April 2019. The joke on April 1 instantly spawned a petition "Give us this game toaster." And the creative director of Razer, Ming-Liang Tang, announced a challenge - if the entry gets a million likes, he will launch the project into development.

A little later, they added intrigue by introducing a new rule: each themed tattoo will be equated to 100, 000 likes. To get yourself a tattoo depicting something that not only does not exist, but it is not even very clear what it can be at all? It turned out that gamers are gambling and risky people, and within a month 12 people have already got tattoos.

Min-Liang Tang admitted that now the company's management has nowhere to go. Only 45, 000 ordinary likes were collected, but twelve desperate heroes with tattoos turned the tide. So, this moment will go down in history, and Razer is already assembling a separate team of designers and engineers to work on the project ... Excuse me, but what do we mean by the expression "Toaster for the gamer"?

It turned out that neither the fans nor the company had a clear concept - so representatives of Razer honestly stated that they would need at least several years to work. Perhaps it will be a toaster with a system for printing on bread of arbitrary images, which in this way will notify the owner about game events. Or it will be some kind of multifunctional platform, where the toaster itself is just a separate module. Or maybe the word toaster is allegorical and a new gamepad is waiting for us to "roast monsters"? We will see.