Microsoft patented the technology of mining bitcoins with the help of the brain

Microsoft has figured out a new way to leverage the unlimited potential of the human brain. For example, she invites users to mine bitcoins using her brain. That is, it is enough just to wiggle your brains in favor of Microsoft - in the literal sense.

The company has applied for a patent on technology for setting goals and fixing them by tracking users' brain waves. A task means something like watching ads, solving simple puzzles, introducing captcha, etc., something simple and having a specific result. Such actions can serve as a confirmation of a transaction in the Bitcoin mining system. And in return, users will receive bitcoins themselves, as a reward for the work done.

In other words, the company offers new working conditions and payment for it in cryptocurrency - but it will have to work in unusual conditions. The application does not mention for what purposes Microsoft itself needs it. We can talk about training artificial intelligence in the form of short sessions, or testing fundamentally new interfaces, applications for connecting directly to the user's brain. But it is possible that this is a patent block, an attempt to occupy a niche that may not be realized in practice.