Artificial intelligence will help Domino make the perfect pizza

To ensure that expectations coincide with the result, and the client received the same beautiful pizza as the standard on the menu, the Domino company hired artificial intelligence. The DOM Pizza Checker is installed in the prepackaged pizza shop, its duty is to check them before delivery. Artificial intelligence does this with true digital meticulousness and impartiality.

A person, especially at the end of a work shift, can make a mistake, but a machine cannot. With this in mind, Domino's managers placed an AI scanner above the pizza cutter and entrusted it with the rejection function. The AI ​​must recognize the type of pizza, the composition of its filling, the distribution of ingredients by the volume of the dough, the quality of preparation, etc. Then he makes a decision - to pack the order or send it for scrap.

That's right, no half-measures and "now we will fix it." The AI ​​has hundreds of images and digital models of properly cooked pizzas in its memory, and it can judge for itself whether the flaw is acceptable, whether the client will notice it or not. It is better not to take risks and throw the defective copy in the junk, in order to have guaranteed protection against claims on the quality of the product - in the future, AI will photograph the finished pizza and send its photo to the client before sending it.

The news does not look fantastic just because the Domino brand is known for its craving for the introduction of technical innovations. For example, they were among the first in the world to use drones for pizza delivery, both flying and ground.