Post of the Future branch opened in Yekaterinburg

Despite the reforms carried out in recent years, the Russian Post continues to be the object of harsh criticism. It is quite obvious that she simply does not keep up with the ongoing changes, and, as a result, queues, mess with postal items, low qualification of staff, snail delivery speeds, millions of complaints and claims in connection with the loss of parcels. The conclusion suggests itself: the Russian mail needs new technologies.

"Mail of the Future" is a federal project designed to solve problems that have accumulated over many years. And it is already becoming a reality. The post office of the Akademichesky microdistrict in Yekaterinburg is the first swallow, or rather the first office of 13, where innovative postal technologies of the future will be tested.

Customers will now be able to independently carry out the entire cycle of processing parcels and parcels - packaging, weighing and payment. And now you can receive them around the clock throughout the week, for which a special 24/7 zone is provided in the department, where they will install postal machines, payment terminals and ATMs.

As in government agencies and banks, an electronic queue is introduced in post offices. Thanks to the registration of services in certain windows, it will be possible to significantly speed up customer service, especially during peak days associated with the issuance of pensions and payment for utility bills. Visitors will be able to get advice on the issues that have arisen from the on-duty administrator.

The new service system will make it possible to process more than a thousand postal items per day.