An unusual soft toy from Honda will lull a baby with the sounds of a motor

Many young parents noticed that their newborn babies calm down faster to the sound of a car engine. This property attracted the interest of Honda engineers and designers, who developed the Honda Sitter Sound themed toy.

This device looks like a soft toy in the shape of a car, it is equipped with a speaker and can emit the rhythmic sounds of a car engine. Not any accident - during the development period, the engineers used the sounds of 37 different models, and children aged from six months to 18 months acted as testers. The sound of a Honda NSF motorcycle was most effective, with researchers finding that 60% of infants had a lower heart rate when listening to it.

Honda is not hoping that all the babies in the world adore their brand. Rather, the reason is that the soft sound of modern motors reminds a young child of the sensations he recently experienced in the womb. This phenomenon may also have side effects, so they did not immediately put the product on sale, but limited themselves to a narrow group of volunteers. But interested parents can download the sounds of the NSX, Integra Type R, and S2000 motors to soothe their little ones.

Honda is not a pioneer in this area. Last year, Ford showed a prototype of a crib that simulates the effect of driving a car - it makes sounds, wiggles, uses lighting to create the illusion of lights flickering outside the windows, etc. And before that, the Snoo company created devices to reproduce the sounds that the unborn child hears in the mother's body.