Dubai police train officers to fly hoverbikes

Dubai today can be safely called the most futuristic city in the world. Soon there will be a whole army of robotic policemen serving there, and firefighters in unmanned vehicles equipped with jetpacks will arrive at the fire.

Two crews are currently training Dubai Police and will soon begin patrolling city streets on FAA hoverbikes, CNN reports. With their help, they will gain access to the most remote areas, where they will track suspicious persons and ensure the safety of tourist groups.

Hoverbikes FAA was developed by the Russian-American startup Hoversurf. This device is a cross between an ATV and a motorcycle. It can accelerate to a speed of just over 70 km / h. Its main drawback is its more than modest transport resource, limited to 10–25 minutes of flight. At the same time, the price of the hoverbike is quite impressive - $ 150, 000. However, for the UAE authorities that kind of money is not a problem.