Elevate mounts over the rear brake and turns your bike into an e-bike

Today there are many kits on the market that allow you to turn an ordinary bicycle into an electric bike. Most of them involve the installation of a motor-wheel, but there are also unusual solutions. One of them is the Elevate system, which sits on top of the rear brake disc.

Elevate is developed by San Francisco-based startup bimotal and is designed specifically for mountain biking. It consists of four main parts: a 750-watt motor that mounts to the rear brake mount, a special brake disc that replaces the stock 250 Wh battery that fits in a bottle holder, and a control panel that mounts to the handlebars.

The complete system weighs 2.7 kg. When activated, the motor gear comes into contact with the gear on the brake and disc and helps to turn the wheel. The maximum speed that the Elevate can reach is 45 km / h, the cruising range is from 25 to 50 km, depending on the intensity of use. In the current configuration, all components of the system are connected by wires and it directly accelerates the rotation of the rear wheel. The founders of bimotal say they are already working on a new model that will use Bluetooth and help pedal instead of a wheel.

In cases where the owner does not want to use the Elevate, the battery is simply removed from the holder and the motor is removed from the brake mount (this takes a few seconds). The system is currently priced at $ 1950 with installation and will begin shipping early next year.