Seagate doubles the speed of hard drives with Multi Actuator technology

The concept of "Big Data" (large amounts of data) is at the heart of many projects of the future, but its implementation is impossible if the drives for this data keep the same slow speed. Seagate offers a neat and simple solution to this problem at this stage - doubling the read and write speed with an optional hard drive.

In simplified form, a typical hard disk consists of a set of magnetic plates along which control heads slide and change the charge at a specific point on the surface, writing or reading bits of information. The amount of memory and the speed of operation of the device directly depends on the number of plates and the rate of movement of the heads, but there are objective engineering limits for their growth. Seagate offers not to suffer and just install another set of heads.

Multi Actuator technology uses two head drives on the same set of magnetic platters in the hard disk. They work independently of each other, information processing is carried out in parallel threads, for arbitrary purposes. This promises doubling the speed of the drive while maintaining the same capacity and slightly increasing the cost of the disk.

Seagate has just announced the imminent introduction of Multi Actuator technology, details will be announced later.