LID compact bike helmet folds up with magnets

A safety helmet for bicycle owners is an absolutely essential thing, but bulky if you put it in a bag. As a result, folding helmets began to appear in the world. One of them is a LID made by British craftsmen with a set of interesting functions.

The weight of this helmet is 410 g. It consists of three main parts - a central section and two side ones. When you take off the helmet, the side sections seem to "dive" under the central one and are fixed there by hidden magnets. In this position, the helmet can easily fit even in a small bag or backpack. To put it on, you need to bring the side sections to their previous "working" position.

LID is made of environmentally friendly expanded polystyrene, which fully complies with European and North American safety standards. It also has openings for head ventilation. The rear of the helmet has a rear light mount.

LIDs are now available for purchase on Indiegogo with a $ 70 deposit. The estimated retail price in case serial production is launched is $ 140.