Lytro Illum camera - the new standard of photography

The result of any photograph can be influenced in two ways: by changing the settings during the photographing process and by processing the image on a computer. The best photographers are considered to be those who know how to capture the moment and choose a combination of settings that provides an excellent picture that does not require additional processing. Angle, exposure, zoom, focus and many other factors play an important role in this. Interestingly, many of the above can now be easily corrected on a computer, taking pictures with the new camera Lytro Illum.

This is the second generation of Lytro cameras, featuring a light field capture technology developed by the company itself. Its implementation qualitatively distinguishes such cameras from other digital cameras. The difference lies in the fact that the sensor of the device remembers more information than a conventional digital camera: not only the intensity of color and light, but also the direction of light at each point of the picture. Preserving not only color and sharpness, but also vector light data, is allowed by a system of micro-lenses that refract the light flux and direct it along separate light paths.

In practice, the use of capturing a light field means that photographs are more detailed, and therefore more vital, more realistically conveying reality. The main "highlight" is the ability to edit pictures from such a camera on a computer: the camera does not focus on a specific point during shooting - focus can be set during editing, perspective, tilt, sharpness and zoom are also changed. This means that you can change the angle and emphasize as you see fit by trying different combinations of image parameters. For this, the corresponding software is supplied with the camera.

Those who want to buy a camera in online stores can get many advantages over those who prefer hypermarkets. This is both the price and, of course, the choice. Even rare but high-quality models can be found on the Internet. It will be possible to buy a Lytro Illum camera for one and a half thousand dollars, starting in July this year.

The first version of the camera was a parallelepiped, in the narrow edges of which a lens and a touchscreen were mounted. Lytro Illum's design made it look more like a regular camera, but is still somewhat futuristic. The technical part of the camera has also improved: the new product has a lens with 8x optical zoom and a constant f / 2.0 aperture, a micro-lens system, a 40-megapixel sensor and a 4-inch touchscreen display. The features of shooting control with the help of the latter include a preview of the image before saving it the way it will turn out in the end. It is possible to connect an external flash and a shutter release remote control, mount on a tripod. To publish pictures, which can be viewed on the Internet using a special player, a Wi-Fi module is built in.