Retractable Duo display makes any laptop a dual-screen

The extended screen space is very useful when working with a laptop, but the presence of a bulky peripheral device - on the contrary, will create inconvenience. The trade-off could be the Duo accessory from startup Mobile Pixels - a compact display that mounts next to the base screen when needed.

To mount the Duo, you need to glue tapes with magnets on the top cover of the laptop, onto which the second display is installed. The mount is movable, it is possible to slide the display to the right or to the left of the main screen, detach and put it side by side, unfold and show your desktop to another person to solve joint tasks. The Duo is 12.5 inches, weighs 680 grams and has an Energy Star rating.

A regular USB cable is used to communicate with the laptop, the system is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and Chrome platforms. Duo can be used with almost any computer or gadget, as long as you have the right software. The cost for early investors in the startup will be $ 169.

Mobile Pixels has already raised 9 times the asking amount, and the first Duo units will go on sale this fall.