Japan has created an LCD TV in a wooden retro case

Nowadays, not everyone remembers TV sets of the 50-60s of the last century, which more resembled a piece of furniture than an electronic device, since they had massive wooden cases.

Japanese electronics company Doshisha decided to take a kind of excursion into the past, creating a retro-style TV in a wooden case, with a plastic panel, control knobs characteristic of that era and four wooden legs.

However, you shouldn't really trust the appearance. In fact, we have before us a completely modern LCD TV with a 20-inch screen, a high-definition HDMI interface, an AV receiver and USB inputs. Alas, this expensive retro-work can only work with Japanese TV channels.

Since the TV screen is flat, the space behind it is a large wooden box where you can store a game console, discs and other accessories.

The TV can be purchased at a regular store for $ 958. In the Japanese Amazon, it is already cheaper - $ 761. However, many believe that the retro-worthiness of this TV is grossly overestimated. It would be much cheaper to buy an old TV, throw away the "native" electronic stuffing from it and replace it with an inexpensive modern TV.